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Mattia Carmine Perciballi

It’s been a long time since the 17th of April 1986 I stepped for the first time behind a bar counter. The emotion was strong and the fear of not knowing what to do was a lot. That day I was about to become an entrepreneur, but nothing had made me think that I would like it that much that I would want to tap into the well of knowledge so often.

First Shots

The years passed and my thirst for knowledge kept increasing. I used to leave my activity every now and then to go work abroad: my clientele expanded internationally and while my professional skills in cocktail preparation and client entertainment were strong, my language knowledge was my weak point.

So I decided to go to London, then Paris, New York, San Diego, Barcellona, Caracas, Zacatecas, Sharm el Sheikh, Djerba: lifestyle, culture and different idioms were part of a great professional growth, an experience baggage and emotions that was part of the growth of the man and bartender named Mattia. Now I can speak fluently four languages.

Trend Importer

Between seasons I went back to my activity in Italy, the place I opened in ‘86 and the commitments had with the Italian Bartender Association where I held several positions, from vice trustee to national counsellor and teacher for 18 years.

The experience acquired teaching has given me the possibility in 2009 to found a Laboratory/Academy specifically created to train bartenders, giving a new impulse for a rebirth of Classic & Vintage Mixology in Rome and Italy.


I am National Counsellor and member of Didactic Commission of the A.B.I Professional (Associazione Barmen Italiana); I am a critic and judge in national and international cocktail competitions and teacher in various academies that teach courses and masters in Mixology and Barchef techniques in Italy and abroad.

Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, and a good friend


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